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Graffiti & Street Art - Teens BOOK NOW

Focus on the art of Graffiti and Street Art. In this workshop you will experiment with different forms of graffiti and street art including tagging, pieces, bubble letters, throw ups, boombs. Gain confidence in expressing your ideas through freeform and spray paint images that are photorealistic, comic style, abstract and stencils art. 
Mondays/Fridays 10-1pm  / 2-5pm  / All day 

Creative Journaling – BOOK NOW

In this workshop children will learn how to make images for a book or journal using images by experimenting with techniques such as layering, paper folding, stamping and building up textures.. They will use various materials including packaging, labels, & paper sourced from all over the world to create vintage styles. This workshop is particularly good for mental well-being and focus and promotes a sense of calm.

Tuesday 10-12pm / Wed 10-12pm / Thurs 1-3, Sat 1 - 3pm / All day.

Indigo and Eco Leaf Printing

This is a practical workshop where children use the combination of objects with natural dyes to create interesting and diverse prints onto cloth. The prints range from delicate patterns through to intricate coverings of deep reds, rich orange tones and earthy browns. Abstract patterns and geometric shapes are created using Japanese Shibori folding techniques.  Objects are wrapped tightly in cotton cloth to create a parcel. When unwrapped the parcels reveal abstract markings on the cloth. This process is fun and easy to do. Children squeal with delight when unwrapping the parcels and seeing their images for the first time and love the surprise element to this technique.

Wed 1-3pm / Thurs 10-12 pm / All day


Young Adult – Graphic Design and Creative Career Support

I held senior roles in the creative industry including Creative Director at HarperCollins Book Publishers Australia and, most recently, Illustration Agent at the Bright Agency in London. I now offer graphic design workshops and coaching and consultation to young adults in the Purbeck area who wish to build up their design skills and portfolios to apply for creative careers in the design industry; including graphic design, publishing, magazines, advertising, animation, branding and logo design. 

In these workshops students will learn practical skills in graphic design, including advice on layout and typography and professional use of industry standard software packages for print and digital projects. (principally Adobe Creative Suite) 

These workshops are for students who require extra support for their GCSE, A level or degree qualifications or for job preparation when applying for jobs in the design industry. I also offer assistance with writing CV's and job applications tailored to the design industry. 

These sessions are 2hrs in duration and can be booked at times to fit in with your schedules. 

£30 per session, or booked as a block of 6 for £160. No previous experience needed just an interest in design.