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I am now taking bookings for the October half term for children’s workshops in Graffiti, painting & screen printing, Graffiti & Street art 1 & 2, Creative journaling, Wire sculpture, Indigo dipping & Ice Dyeing, Eco leaf printing, Mono printing, Poster Collage & Acrylic Paint Pouring. These workshops have an emphasis on experimentation and fun, encouraging children to try new techniques, whilst building creative skills, confidence and experiencing a ‘real’ artist studio. These run at various times throughout the day and are suitable for all ages. Teen workshops also available.

Times & Prices
Typical time slots are from 10-12pm / 1 - 3pm / All day 10 – 3pm. Tuesday, Wednesday & thursday.
Drop your children off at the studio and pick up.

Classes run from Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October. 

Prices 2 hour slots £22 - £25 / All day £55

Additional hours: £12 per hour, Current DBS available, Includes materials. Age 5+ 

I am happy to work around your schedules so please let me know if you would like a workshop on a particular day that suits you, extra hours also available.

Full day classes include supervised use of studio facilities so that children can explore other mediums and techniques during the day alongside the specific booked workshop content.

Please book online or email me to book your classes on

Painting, Graffiti & Screen printing BOOK NOW
Step into Banksy’s shoes and go wild with paint. Experiment with spray paints, large brushes and stencils and transform ideas onto a fake wall, but be careful don't get caught! Have fun painting on different surfaces including acetate and board. Using the screen you will print with stencils and build up colour and abstract patterns and interesting tonal effects will appear. We love the freedom of this class.

Graffiti and Street Art (1) BOOK NOW
Focus on the art of Graffiti and create your stylized personal signature also known as a moniker. In this workshop you will experiment with different forms of graffiti and street art including tagging, pieces, bubble letters and throw ups. You will take home your spray painted personal tag.

Graffiti and Street Art (2) BOOK NOW
Hone in on your Graffiti skills and gain confidence in expressing your ideas through freeform and spray paint images that are photorealistic, comic style, abstract and stencilled. In this workshop you will learn how to control the spray can so that you have more control over your final image. Experiment with various nozzles, colours and graffiti paint pens and accessories.

Indigo dipping & Ice dyeing  BOOK NOW
This is a fun workshop where artists experiment with indigo dipping & ice dyeing. Striking and bold patterns are created by folding and manipulating the cloth into various shapes combined with colours of indigo and the magic of ice dyeing. We love the surprise element to this technique.

Eco Leaf Printing BOOK NOW
This workshop is ideal for children who are into eco and wanting to learn how to use natural elements - plants and flowers -  to create interesting artworks. First we forage for our leaves and learn about the plants and flowers suitable for eco leaf printing. These are then wrapped into bundles to create beautiful leaf prints onto cloth.  This workshop is super fun and engaging.

Mono Printing BOOK NOW
Taking inspiration from the natural environment you will gather things from nature to make bold and impressive monoprints. Experiment with this fun form of print making that allows you to create unique, freeform images which are unexpected and abstract. Learn how to ghost print, build up layers and make bold and colourful patterns and textures by layering inks.

Acrylic Paint Pouring BOOK NOW
Get messy and have fun with Acrylic Paint Pouring  - a fluid painting technique used to create art by pouring acrylic paint onto the board.  Artists will learn how to apply colour in puddles, pools and marble-like patterns to make colourful and psychedelic patterns. 

Collage a Poster BOOK NOW
Using the four collage techniques -  Papier collé, Découpage, Photomontage and Assemblage - artists will create a large, striking poster by combining images, printed material and found objects. Collagers will make images from newspaper clippings, print advertisements, photographs, fabric, wood, and ephemera and create striking works of collage which are unique and will dazzle the eye.

Creative Journaling BOOK NOW
In this workshop children will learn how to make images for a book or journal using images by experimenting with techniques such as layering, paper folding, stamping and building up textures.. They will use various materials including packaging, labels, & paper sourced from all over the world to create vintage styles. This workshop is particularly good for mental well-being and focus and promotes a sense of calm.

Wire 3d Sculpture BOOK NOW
Using colourful and shiny wires kids learn to manipulate wire into all shapes and interesting creations. This is an engaging workshop where they are able to try something new and improve their hand eye coordination. Animals, sea fish & urchins, human figures and even a flipflop have been created.