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Adult Eco Leaf Printing, Indigo and Shibori workshop (no1) – single workshop

In this fun and practical workshop you will learn how to print onto silk using a variety of leaves sourced from the natural environment. Using an iron mordent and bundling techniques you will create striking leaf patterns and gain unique results.

Using the resist techniques of the Shibori craft you will learn how to create intriquate patterns and bold forms. Combining these techniques with dyebaths of indigo and marigold you will see how these different colours effect each pattern and shape resulting in beautiful printed pieces.

This workshop is fun, experimental and tranquil.
One off workshop of 3hrs £65 (all materials included).

Adult Eco Leaf Printing with colour workshop – single workshop (no2)
If you LOVE colour, this is the workshop for you. In this workshop you will be introduced to a new range of colours and tones as well as working with fabrics of various weights including wool and beautiful cotton and linens.  You will enjoy printing with flowers and seaweed learn how to transfer colour backgrounds onto your leaf prints to create unique, original prints.

This workshop is part of a series and is taken after completion of workshop no 1.
One off workshop of 3hrs £65 (all materials included).

Adult Eco Leaf Printing, Indigo and Shibori workshop – 6 week workshop (series A)
This work shares my experience of indigo, natural dying and eco leaf printing gained from my time living in Vientiane, Laos where I learned the skills of the master dyers at the Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre. During this time I spent two years experimenting on how to dye material using plant dyes and leaf matter sourced in and around the Vientiane area.

Whilst living in Australia I took a trip to the outback where I spent time experimenting with the rust dying and eco print processes passed on from India Flint and it is here I got hooked on rust printing and fell in love with the process. 

During this 6 weeks you will learn, in depth, the various processes connected with Eco leaf printing, Shibori, Indigo and natural dyeing. You will enjoy combining the techniques to create original and unique prints onto cloth and paper whilst building up interesting textures and layers.

You will learn how to shift and control colours using mordents and tannins and through observation you will see how to shift a brilliant red to a soft coral, a dark blue to a teal.

For those who find themselves excited by swatch dipping you can focus your attention on how to make a variety of hues, whilst building your own reference palette. If you would prefer to make something practical you can design a scarf, a bag, something for the table, a cushion, a pencil role, or a fancy note book, kindle or an ipad sleeve.

These workshops are run from my studio in the beautiful setting of Hartland Stud, overlooking the heathland. For those who cannot tear themselves away, a beautiful camp site is a available for you to enjoy.

No previous experience is needed. Dyes and materials are included in the workshop fee to create samples and swatches. If you would like to work on bigger pieces pre dyed materials and additional dyes can be purchased from the studio.

6 week workshop £380 - 3 hrs per session for 6 weeks

Adult workshops - Indigo, Shibori, Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing 2 (10 sessions)
For those who enjoyed the 6 week series and would like to learn the techniques in more depth, work on personal projects and connect with a personal practice you may enjoy the studio more by booking a block of 10 sessions. Material and Dyes will be available to purchase at the studio.

Block of 10 sessions - 3hrs per session - £580

Price Guide
One off workshop of 3hrs £65
6 week workshop £380 - 3 hrs per session for 6 weeks
Group bookings of 6 also available with 20% off. £1990
Block of 10 sessions - 3hrs per session - £580

To book this workshop please book online or email or telephone (+44) 07943 926886

For more information please read the artist residency info in the about section.

Shibori (しぼり/絞り, from the verb root "shiboru" – "to wring, squeeze or press

There are many ways to create shibori, with techniques generally grouped into three categories: kōkechi, tied or bound resists; rōkechi, wax resists; and kyōkechi, resists where the fabric is folded and clamped between two carved wooden blocks