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Adult natural dying and rust printing workshop

This course shares my experience of indigo and natural dying and eco printing gained from my time living in Vientiane, Laos where I learned from the skills of the master dyers at the Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre where dying and weaving is part of the county’s longstanding craft tradition. I enjoyed two years learning and experimenting on how to dye material using plant dyes sourced in and around the Vientiane area.

Whilst living in Australia I took a trip to the outback where I spent time experimenting with the rust dying and eco print processes passed on from India Flint and its is here that I got hooked to rust printing and fell in love with the process. In my work I often combine rust, indigo and natural dying processes with shaborri techinques to make unique patterns and textures.

These workshops are ran from my studio set in the beautiful setting of Hartland Stud, overlooking the heathland. In this workshop you will learn how to dye cloth and make patterns and abstract shapes, using colourful natural dyes, plant matter and resists combining them with shaborri techniques. These pieces can be made into artifacts, pictures, tablewear or scarves. 

This process is very enjoyable as you can create strong colours, interesting patterns and textures. There is always an element of surprise which gives me such joy everytime I do it. Its fun to combine techniques and experiment with colour and it is possible to create some interesting layering effects once you have the basics.

6 weeks courses are held on either Fridays 10-1pm - 2-5pm or Thursday evenings. 6.30-9.30pm. 

One-off, 2 hours sessions are held on Sunday 10-2pm or 2-4pm or times to suit you.

No previous experience needed.

Cost for a one off session is £45 including materials. 6 week booking £285. Group bookings of 6 also available with 20% off. £1368.

To book this class please book online or email 

For more information please read the artist residency info in the about section.